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At Run Kalamazoo, we want you to get the most out of your running camp experience. Please take a few moments to review our policies to ensure that you are well-informed and prepared for camp.

Sag Wagon – Stands for Support and Gear. We offer the safety and security of providing a vehicle that is indicated by a window flag that drives the course every Saturday. The Sag Wagon serves as the support vehicle to pick up and carry any runners who can no longer run for any reason and takes them back to the start location on any given Saturday.


Water Stops – We provide a staffed water stop at roughly every 2 miles of the course. Water Stops will have water, tissue, first aid items, and will remain up and available until every runner has passed. Our courses are primarily an out and back, so depending on the distance you go, you should pass a water stop twice.

Courses – We work to design courses that provide the appropriate distances for all runners. More importantly, we work to provide the safest route for all runners. This may require the use of our local trail systems. We understand that some of those trails are not groomed, and the conditions may be suspect, but is important to all aspects of Saturday logistics that you follow the course provided. We are looking for you and making sure you are safe only along the designated course.

Clothing – We recommend that you wear brightly colored running clothes with added reflective gear and even lights. Some days you start running when it is still dark. Most people are driving the roads during the morning hours are not expecting to see you in the street. Being as visible as possible helps to keep all parties safe out there.

Running “Two a Chest” – While we do like you running on the trails, sometimes you will be running in neighborhoods and on streets both quiet and busy. It is paramount to the success of camp that all runners adhere to a "Two a Chest" running policy. You should never run any fuller in capacity than that for the safety of you, other runners, and other people across the county. Sometimes when the street is tight and traffic is coming heavy from both sides, single file is the safest. We ask that you take this into consideration when out on the streets.


Sick policy – We currently do not have any mask requirement or sick policy that is enforced. We do ask that if you are feeling sick in any capacity that you refrain from attending camp that morning.

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